Global Nature Trees is among the leading producers and suppliers of Christmas trees and cut greenery in Europe, and has more than 25 years’ experience in the sale and production of Christmas trees and cut greenery.

Global Nature Trees has approximately 1700 hectares of land with Christmas trees at its disposal and is thus a secure supplier of your Christmas trees. Every year, we sell approximately 600,000 Christmas trees, 700 tons of cut greenery and 1.5 million plants to customers all over the world.

This requires extensive knowledge of the logistics involved in sending Christmas trees all over the world. Global Nature Trees has this knowledge and we are extremely conscious of how much it means to the customer to get the exact quality at the agreed time.

Global Nature Trees has a desire to be among the leaders in the Christmas tree market and focus intensely on the environment and quality, not to mention decent, orderly conditions of employment for our employees.

The fact that we are certified in accordance with the Global G.A.P. standard is proof that we comply with the strict requirements in the field of good agricultural practice, with focus on the environment and employment conditions.

Interested in a no-obligation quote?

We look forward to being able to give you a no-obligation quote for the quality trees you need. It makes no difference to us if it involves 500 or 500,000 trees.

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