Global Nature Trees - The natural choice

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Our various brand lines

We have 3 of our own brand lines covering a wide selection of different tree types. And, naturally, we can deliver the exact quality the customer wants.


The exclusive choice
This is our best/densest tree.

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The natural choice
An attractive tree that is slightly more open than Starline.

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The economical choice
The inexpensive tree that may have some small defects.

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Our certified organic brand

Our new project is to offer 100% chemical free product, which are grown in accordance with the strict Danish ECO regulations.

Pure Nature Gold

The premium choice
A1 premium mix.

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Pure Nature Silver

The standard choice
A2 standard mix.

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Interested in a no-obligation quote?

We look forward to being able to give you a no-obligation quote for the quality trees you need. It makes no difference to us if it involves 500 or 500,000 trees.

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Global Nature Trees

We are situated in the beautiful hilly countryside close to Himmelbjerget near Silkeborg. It is the ideal place for Christmas trees as the temperature in the area provides the perfect growing environment for trees.

The beautiful landscape, with its many ancient monuments also ensures that taking good care of nature is always foremost in our minds.